Pilates as a complement to Dance Training

We regularly welcome dancers into our studio for pilates conditioning to help strengthen their dance technique or to assist in recovering from injury. Pilates helps build body awareness by allowing dancers to connect with their body in a way that is different from dance. Pilates focuses on the mind-body connection and the subtle ways we can develop stronger control over joints and muscles. We use visualisation, breath, assisted stretching, bands and springs to gently load muscles, and props and equipment to guide alignment and help dancers feel correct placement. Pilates can help decrease the risk of injury by improving biomechanics especially through the foot, ankle and knee, and can give better power and coordination in dance movements through increased core strength and control.

Our teachers are highly trained and many are also experts in dance, having previously danced or taught professionally. As the Pilates Instructor to the Queensland Ballet, Catherine Neal is involved at the professional level as well as regularly training younger dancers both in our studio and off site at dance studios. We also have a number of ex-professional dancers and qualified ballet teachers on our staff, and all of our teachers regularly work with young dancers, dance teachers and adult dancers in the studio.

Monthly Workshops

Join our Saturday afternoon workshops for a chance to learn some basic conditioning for home practice, and to experience using the equipment for assistance and challenge. Suitable for dancers aged 10-16, these monthly workshop runs on specific dates. $25/session. Click here for dates and booking.

Studio Sessions

Dancers aged 14+ can join into our regular studio sessions. Starting with an initial consultation, dancers can book private or trio sessions at times that suit, and the program will be tailored to each individuals needs. Our teachers can also liaise with your teacher or treating health professional (physiotherapist, doctor) if you are having problems or managing an injury. See times and prices here

Workshops in your Studio

We regularly hold specialised conditioning workshops at dance schools around Brisbane. Topics can include: core conditioning, foot and ankle strengthening, posture and alignment, improving back flexibility and arabesques, pre-pointe programs and more. Contact us for a quote to see if we can help your class get stronger through pilates.