New Season. New ideas. New directions.

It’s a season of change in our studios…..

…..wait, what?

Now, there is no reason to be alarmed and we do appreciate that change isn’t always easy, but you know what it is? Exciting! And to say that were are excited about the changes that will be rolled out for July may be an understatement.

We’ve always had big ideas for our little studios, focused on creating spaces, classes and routines that foster happy clients and happy staff. We want you all to get the best out of your classes, the best from the teachers that support you and the best in-studio experience we can provide. And so we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to shake things up a bit! Good shake, we promise.

What’s at the core of it? (see what we did there?)

We’ll keep it simple. There’s three main changes:

1. Some teacher changes across the timetable. Most classes will stay exactly the same and some will get a shuffle up, to add more balance for the teachers and some better pairings for teacher and client availability. Some of these changes are also to accommodate extended teachers leave later in the year. If you have a regular trio or private booking that will be affected, we’ll be in touch. Not sure how you’ll go with a new teacher? Read our blog post here about the pros and cons of changing teachers! 

2. New schedule of group classes in the city. As many of you know we do this from time to time, after carefully reviewing the trends, chatting to our teachers and checking in with what’s popular. To give you as much of what you want when you want it, and to keep things fresh and fun. This time we’ve added two new reformer class styles – Foundation Reformer and Advanced Reformer. Click here to see the timetable and click class names to read descriptions. All classes are now open for bookings from from July 2nd.

And lastly … and this is a biggie for us…….

3. The end to our group class format at our Paddington studio on June 30. It’s a sad but overdue goodbye to our Springboard classes, TRX and Combo classes in our Paddington space which has always struggled to offer the broad timetable and variety of styles that the city space is made for. For those of you who are directly affected we will be personally emailing you with a number of options going forward, or you can read more about it here. 

What else do you need to know?

We are looking forward to bringing you some new and exciting offerings at both locations over the next few months.
Stay tuned as we announce dates and details for:
- workshops
- retreats
- specialised workshop series
- one-off classes and events

All existing timetables at both studios will run til Saturday 30th June. Follow this link for more info on class credits and pack conversions beyond this date.

New schedules commence Monday July 2nd.

All schedules are now available for bookings online.

If you have any questions regarding any of this information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Look forward for seeing you all in class!

Catherine, Anita, Leanne, Edwin, Mana, Mitch, Dolores, Michele, Poornima & Lilly