Let's get ready for 2019!

I’m sure you are looking forward to the end of the year and some much needed R&R, but before we all start to wind down (preferably with a drink in hand and some great company) we have some admin and housekeeping to take care of. Head off on your break with a clear mind that your pilates plan for the New Year is already sorted!

We take great pride in supporting you in your health and wellness journey, and checking in with you at this time of the year is a chance for us to make sure you’re on track with your goals and that we are doing the best we can to help you. 

Here’s all the information you need to secure your bookings for the end of this year and into the next, and generally prepare for a fabulous 2019 in our wonderful studio spaces.

Over the next week expect your instructor to be asking you a few questions!
We’ll be asking:
- when you are away for Christmas
- your requests for regular class times for next year and
- anything else you need sorted for the end of the year.

Maybe you need to purchase a Gift Voucher, organise a pilates equipment or wellness gift for a loved one or book in a Private lesson to organise a holiday program for your travels. 

We also have a new pricelist for 2019 with some changes to regular packs/passes that reflect CPI increases (we’ve been putting this off for two years) and we’ve done away with some of our outdated packages to keep things simple.

We’ve also developed some new features to make things easier for you!

Firstly, we’re introducing Auto-Renew. No matter which pack or pass you buy, you can set up an auto-renew on your chosen credit or debit card (securely encrypted on our MINBDODY site), so the next payment will automatically go through on the last of your pack . Hooray!! No more having to remember and keep on top of your 10 pack. You can choose this option online, or email us and we’ll call you to set it up over the phone.

Secondly, we’ve added some Monthly Memberships. This is a new system for us, and one we’ve had many request for over the years. For anyone coming twice or more per week, you can now sign up for a monthly payment which gives you the best possible rates while distributing the cost each month. You only have the month to use a set number of classes, so it really is best suited to those who already have or are keen to implement a regular twice a week (or more) routine.

The benefits of this system is that it’ll keep you on track so you get the most out of your sessions, and you’ll get rewarded with priority bookings, discounts on events and special workshops and retail items. Read more about the details here.

There are a limited number of each type available so don’t wait! You can purchase these online and start these now if you wish, or email us and we’ll set you up over the phone.

So as we head towards 2019 we look forward to making it easier for you to keep track of your account as well as your body!

And don’t forget you can still purchase all of the current 2018 rates up until December 31st. 

Purchase a 2018 pack now

Purchase a Membership now

In the remainder of this newsletter, we’ve put together all the info you need on opening hours, closed dates and how the studio operates the booking system going into 2019. Please read all the info below and don’t hesitate to email if you have any questions. 

Studio closed dates
How do I put my 5 or 10 pack on hold?
What happens to my 30 day/15 class pass?
Can I start a membership now and pause it for Christmas?
How do I secure a regular booking for 2019?
When can I book online for 2019?
Getting a friend or family member started
Staff news

Studio Closures & Schedules

This year both studios will trade with their full schedules up until close of business on December 22nd.  We’ll be back on Wednesday January 2nd, with as much of a full schedule as possible, though we may consolidate some timeslots were we have large numbers of people away. We’ll be in touch if that’s you. 

Information for pre-paid Package holders

All 5,10 and 20 packs purchased between November 23rd & December 23rd will automatically have an extra months validity (eg. 5 packs will be valid for 3 months instead of 2, 10 & 20 packs for 4 months instead of 3) to account for the holiday period and the days that we will be closed. If you have a current pack that was purchased prior to this, and need an extension due to a planned holiday, please request an extension by sending us an email. As per our Policy and Procedures document, we don’t extend just because you got too busy so please keep this in mind, but we are more than happy to extend for your Christmas break as long as you let us know in advance. 

Information for 15 Class/30-day Pass holders

Any 30 day/15 class passes will be extended to a 45 day expiry when purchased on or after November 23rd. We are only closed for 9 days but we understand many of you have family commitments and additional time away from the studio, so an extra 15 days should help you get the most out of your pass. 
Please be aware that these passes are unable to be paused for holiday periods. Remember this pass brings you the best price per class to reward you for your commitment to coming frequently. If you are going away for an extended break, you have two options: squeeze more classes in before you go or when you return, or buy a 5 or 10 pack during December which can be extended by request. 

Information for New Membership Holders

Keen to grab a membership before Christmas? Great work! Please check our rules regarding pausing and cancelling memberships here, but we’ll put an automatic 10 pause on the membership for you to account for the time we are closed. You can additionally request a longer pause if you need, but be aware you can only do this a maximum of 2 times during the year. Read all the Ts & Cs here. 

2019 Regular Bookings

As mentioned, now and through next week our teachers will be securing all regularly booked clients into the diary for 2019. If you wish to keep your regular booking your teacher will be confirming these in classes this week, or you can click here to fill out an online form. 
Again please let your instructor know asap that you would love to keep your regular routine and the return date you have scheduled for 2019 and they will lock that in before the diary becomes available to online bookings. Regular bookings are available for private, trio and group classes provided you have a Membership or an Auto-Renew set up on your account. From 2019 individual pack purchases will allow you to forward-book the number of classes on the pack only. So if you want your timeslot for the whole of the year then Auto-Renew or Membership is for you.

2019 Online Bookings

If you prefer to book online and manage your own schedule, the online system for 2019 will be open from December 10th. 

Friend or family member wanting to start?

We love welcoming new family members and friends to the studio! A friendly face can make a huge difference for someone who is new to exercise, or trying something out of their comfort zone. Despite this being a busy time of the year, we find a lot of new clients like to join before Christmas and it’s a great way to get a head start on next year’s goals. So tell your friends not to wait – we’ll make room for them! Pilates also makes a great gift for someone special, and allows them to experience the benefits that you already enjoy and love. Talk to your instructor or email Catherine and Anita – we’ll work out the best way to get them started and can even do up a Gift Voucher pack or create a personalised PDF for you.

A Staff Goodbye
We are sad to say goodbye to one of our very loved teachers at Christmas, Michele Dorn. Michele began her time with us as a Pilates student many years ago, and has since developed into a very skilled and much loved instructor. Her attention to detail and kind and caring manner will also make her a wonderful physiotherapist, and as she moves into her final years of study in this new career, it is time for her to take a break from Pilates teaching to make sure she has the flexibility to complete her practical requirements and give her super brain some space for study and development. We wish to thank her from the bottom of our hearts for all of her years of dedicated service and passion in our studio and all of the clients she has guided in that time. She will be missed but don’t worry, we’ve reminded her the door is always open for her to come back once the study is done!